Want to learn some crazy ring magic?

Barbumagic presents Butterfly Ring. With this project you will get the explanation in full detail of all ring magic effects from the trailer using both gimmicked and impromptu techniques.

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“That was some crazy sh*t I just watched!” – Tom Wright

“Ring magic has to be one of the most organic magic and to see it develop further with new ideas is just refreshing.” – Patrick Kun

“Looks like someone has been busy… Lots of good looking stuff here!” – Zach Heath

“Butterfly Ring is pretty clever. Visual, clean, practical, no need to say anything else.” – Hanson Chien

“Crazy Great Sh*t!!!” – De’vo vom Schattenreich

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Verified buyers

Even better than I expected

I was wanting more tricks that could involve a ring. I think the ring makes a great prop as you can just keep it on your finger. For the price of this effect he could have just left out all of the impromptu tricks and I would have given this a 5 star review.He uses a gimmick that most magicians on this website already has in a really cool way. I probably purchase way too much on this website. A lot of it i would say is not even worth the money. Though this effect is without a doubt.

Ryan Rash from KS USA on November 29th, 2016

Worth double the money!!!

This is the real deal! The video is 1 hour long and is jam packed from beginning to end with the most impressive and professional ring tricks money can buy. I have purchased many videos in the past that are full of “fluff” (a magician rambling on about something that doesn’t help you learn the effect or perform the effect). This video is not flashy or overhyped. It’s plain and simple, very detailed instructions on how to perform extremely visual magic tricks with a ring. If you are a lazy magician searching for a self working trick That require zero talent this video is not for you. If you are someone who understands that truly impressive FULLY EXAMINABLE magic requires dedication and work, then this video will allow you to perform the most incredibly visual miracles with a ring that you can imagine!

Chris Chatelain from Utah on November 26th, 2016

Well worth it!

I’ve been getting more and more into ring magic, and this download was great. He has a number of really good moves besides the butterfly ring that helped so much. Then, the butterfly ring itself is just amazing and has so many uses! Wonderful illusion! I look forward to more coming from Barbu Magic!

Mitchell F from Seattle, WA on September 11th, 2017

Good material

It has some really cool new ideas. I’ll definitely use some of them.

Peter Agoston from Budapest, Hungary on January 5th, 2017

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